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Water Softener 

Water Softener 

Clogged drainsWater is vital to life, and its quality is crucial. It is necessary for many processes like cooking and cleaning. However, hard water is composed of minerals and is hard to use. Water softener repair is a specific field with unique problems and equipment. At DG Plumbing, we have a team of trained professionals to help with your softener's problems.

What is a Water Softener?

Water softeners are electronic devices that remove hard minerals from water. Several factors can cause hard water. The most common is carbon deposits on the inside of the water system. In addition, minerals like calcium, magnesium, and iron are naturally present in water and cause it to become rigid.  DG Plumbing has complete experience and training for all models in the market. As a result, our technicians can effectively service a wide array of softener technology.

How Does it Work?

Softeners use a salt brine solution to remove the hard minerals from water. The softener will create a brine solution and run it through the water system. As the water passes through the mineral tank, it receives a magnesium coating and becomes soft. Next, the tank will release clean water into your home and residual brine back into the drain. During repair, the process and chemicals of the softener can be adjusted to your specific needs. Softeners should be cleaned once a year. This is important as cleaning helps remove debris buildup.

Water Softener Repair

The technician starts cleaning the brine tank where hard water deposits may form. An inspection of the tank may help determine if there is a problem. The resin and iron filters are then cleaned or replaced. To recalibrate the softener system, the technician will use a conductivity meter. This meter shows if hard water is present. Again, it is crucial to call a professional.  DG Plumbing will take care of your softener repair. From replacing parts to testing, we can resolve any issue.

How Do I Know My Softener Needs Repair?

The first signs are mineral stains on your fixtures. Next, check toilets, faucets, showers, and sinks. If you notice that your clothes are stiff after washing, your water softener may have a problem too. The other signs are salty-tasting water, change in water pressure, change in water quality, an unusually high electric bill, and cloudy water. With a repair by DG Plumbing, you will immediately notice a difference in your water quality.

Softeners do not last forever. So, if you need help with softener repair in Humble, TX, call us at DG Plumbing. We have a team of skilled technicians to help you with all your needs. In addition, we can solve any malfunctioning devices during repairs and prevent future problems from occurring.

Emergency Plumber Apopka Florida
Emergency Plumber Apopka Florida

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