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Garbage Disposal ServicesHumble Garbage Disposal Installation & Repair Service

​Garbage disposals are all about convenience for most folks. They become inconvenient when they stop working. Once you have become used to having garbage disposals, it can be hard not to have one. If you connect with a knowledgeable plumbing contractor with garbage disposal installation and repair experience, you won’t be without your garbage disposal for too long.

Since your garbage disposal has elements of the plumbing system and electrical system, many things can go amiss that would require professional help. Dull blades could result in the food not being correctly cut down, producing backups and clogs in the plumbing.

If an electrical circuit is damaged or blows, then the power to the garbage disposal will stop or be interrupted, which will require repair. If there is a split or crack in the pipe that’s linked to the garbage disposal drain, it will need repairing before the unit will work again.

As with other fixtures and home appliances, routine maintenance goes a long way toward providing you with a garbage disposal that will run when needed. If you schedule a licensed Humble plumber to come in and examine your garbage disposal every year, you can be confident that there isn’t any damage that will bring high-priced repairs at some point in the near future.
If you depend on your garbage disposal regularly to make your kitchen duties much simpler, getting regular inspections done is one of the best things you can do.
No matter how careful you are with maintaining your garbage disposal, without proper installation, you will end up having issues at some point. Picking a professional, reputable garbage disposal repair person who has experience with any brand of garbage disposal is what you need to do.
Staying within your budget is crucial. However, cutting corners isn't. Therefore, take time to choose a plumber who possesses expertise in all things garbage disposal.
Garbage disposals cut up unwanted food and scraps. On the other hand, garbage disposals can’t chop up everything. Garbage disposals can get damaged due to poor maintenance and misuse. If you’ve moved into an older house, inspect your garbage disposal. Over time, the motor can become weak. Also, garbage disposal blades get dented by putting metal pieces inside.
When your garbage disposal isn’t working right, food wastes will give off bad smells. Also, your drain will become backed up with water. Oil and grease will build up and get hard inside your garbage disposal. At some point, they’ll move into your P-Trap. If you are suffering from a malfunctioning garbage disposal, contact us for garbage disposal services. If the damage is irreversible, you might have to replace your garbage disposal. After an inspection of your garbage disposal, our plumbers will let you know if they can repair it or if you need to get a new one installed. 

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I have been using Denis for years on our rental apartments and he always comes through on time and takes really good care of our tenants. Any time we have an emergency in one of our units Dennis or one of his plumbers are on the property within a few hours. Every Landlord needs a good plumber on speed dial and Dennis is ours.

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