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Emergency HOT WATER REPAIR and replacementHumble, TX Top Hot Water Heater Repair & Installation Business

​​​The water heater is one of the most popular fixtures in the contemporary household. They serve a crucial purpose for you. Hot water is something we’ve all become comfortable with, and having problems with your water heater is a hassle most of us would rather avoid. The solution is to connect yourself with a reliable local plumber who will keep your water heater functioning at peak performance all year long.

Most water heaters go unnoticed until they have an issue. When that occurs, it is time to call for a water heater repair service or even replace it with a new one. If you try to cut on the hot water when it hasn’t been on for a period, and all you feel is lukewarm or cool water, you need to call us to get your water heater inspected.

If you see water dripping from your hot water tank or if your water bill has skyrocketed for no real reason, you could need water heater repairs. Any problems with your hot water that don’t have a real solution may be a water heater problem and require professional services.

If you have crazy temperature fluctuations when attempting to use your hot water, the issue could be with your water heater’s thermostat. Sensors may become impaired over time, and the water could end up being too hot or too cool. Your plumber will examine the thermostat as part of the inspection of your water heater when you call us for service.
Numerous homeowners attempt the DIY method when it comes to water heater installation. For most folks, this isn’t a good idea. The water heater could connect to your gas line, which makes it a bonafide no-no. Even if that isn't the case, an experienced installer has the real know-how of how water heaters connect into your electrical and plumbing systems. Therefore, hiring a professional is simply the best route to take.
Your water heater regulates the water temperature of your business and home, as well as every part of your property that has hot water (washing machine, shower, etc.). Your water heating system may require repair if your water is too cold or too hot. Our maintenance-free water heater units assist in preventing the necessity to replace or repair water heater parts. These are the breakers, pilot light, and upper elements.

DG Plumbing specializes in repairing current water heaters or replacing them.  A faulty water heating unit can produce a high energy bill.  Do you need to replace your current water heater? With our maintenance-free and efficient water heating installation service, you can save a whole lot of money every month on your energy bill.

Our plumbing professionals are available right now to help you. We can maintain your cold or hot water temperatures and help keep your energy bill under control.  Our plumbing specialist can install or repair any brand, make, model, or size of residential water heaters, including tankless water heaters. 

DG Plumbing

I have been using Denis for years on our rental apartments and he always comes through on time and takes really good care of our tenants. Any time we have an emergency in one of our units Dennis or one of his plumbers are on the property within a few hours. Every Landlord needs a good plumber on speed dial and Dennis is ours.

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