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Waste Trap Installation Experts in the Humble Area

​We equip all plumbing installations with a waste trap. That is a tool used to stop sewer gases from getting into a building or an apartment. Waste traps can be put below or within a plumbing fixture and it stores little quantities of water. The water within the plumbing fixture produces a water seal that stops bad gases from flowing into an apartment through the pipes.

Plumbing fixtures with waste traps include sinks, bathtubs, wash basins, and toilets. A waste trap can be a separate fitting (called an attached trap), connected to a wastewater outlet like drains and sinks. Also, a waste trap can integrate into an appliance.

Is your property equipped with waste traps? Do they work as they should? We provide excellent waste trap installation services in Humble. From the installation of a new waste trap to maintenance work, we’re ready to be your plumber of choice.

While it may not be the most crucial factor in your whole plumbing system, it can mean the difference between a dangerous sewer or drain issue and a gas-free, clean property environment.


​Your waste trap should be installed correctly and not loose at all. Under any condition, your waste trap should maintain an effective water seal.

We have licensed plumbers that are on call 24-hours a day, seven days a week to take care of any plumbing issues, emergency or non-emergency. When people have a waste trap with a broken seal or not sealing at all, our plumbers can come and install a new one or repair your existing one immediately. Our plumbers are dependable, affordable, and honest, developing an exceptional reputation over the years

One of the nastiest drain jobs is dealing with grease traps. The grease trap is under the S bend in your drainpipes. It is there to store food waste and grease, so it doesn't mix with your water waste. Our professionals specialize in grease traps, and this includes installing or replacing your grease traps.

Also referred to as a grease interceptor, this product is in commercial businesses that handle food, like hotel kitchens, restaurants, bakeries and restaurants. Over time, the pipes in these places amass grease. The grease trap is the product that traps the grease before it can infect the wastewater.

Like any plumbing tool that collects waste, it needs emptying regularly. You shouldn't use any liquid grease cleaning product on your grease trap. Those products can liquefy the grease briefly and create a greater issue when it hardens once more.

If you have a grease trap that is broken and needs fixing, our plumbers have the experience to attach a new grease trap. Also, our contractors are honest and let customers know if their current grease trap can be repaired, saving them money and time.


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I have been using Denis for years on our rental apartments and he always comes through on time and takes really good care of our tenants. Any time we have an emergency in one of our units Dennis or one of his plumbers are on the property within a few hours. Every Landlord needs a good plumber on speed dial and Dennis is ours.

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